Root & Rise 

Psychotherapy and Counseling

304 Gallatin Park Drive Suite 225
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 201-5790


Joanna Townsend
Psychotherapist | LCSW
Founder of Root & Rise Counseling

I'm a therapist, a feminist, an empath, an advocate of vulnerability, a feeler, and a human above all. I help women reconnect to themselves, rewrite their stories, and create meaning in their life. 

I believe that to be seen and heard are universal needs. Which is why my work centers around offering empathy, compassion, warmth, curiosity, and authenticity. ​You know yourself better than anyone else. I serve not as someone with all the answers but as a collaborative guide to support you to feel the hard stuff, unpack emotions, cultivate a sense of identity, and find acceptance in who you are.

Being human is not easy. Particularly when tethered by self-criticism, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and shame. Therapy is a space for self-discovery, healing, hope, and personal growth.



I practice from a holistic and integrative lens. I incorporate strengths-based, humanistic, and feminist perspectives. I bring my whole heart and true self to therapy and prioritize that our work together provides you with the space in which you can feel understood, be heard authentically, and ultimately, realize your worth.



I enjoy hiking, camping, playing in the kitchen, tending to my plant babies, and cozying up with a good book.